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New Demo Track

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This is a quick tone demo. I am working on a few new projects and have spent the last few months really getting my drums and bass to sound right on my monitors in the new house. I am overall very happy with the drums and bass but wanted to take the time to get a solid foundation for a rhythm guitar tone.

Anyway’s.. a few years ago I found Vasili Kartakou. He hand-built me a Colossus Preamp… which is modeled after the old school Peavey 5150s. I promised him a demo of the preamp some time ago and… hear it is… better late than never. This is an outstanding preamp that sounds great. I have ran it through a bunch of different rigs over the last few years and it sounds fantastic through each and every one.

So for the details on this demo – my recording chain:
-Ibanez RG7620 with EMG 7/81 in bridge (Tuned to drop A)
-Modded Boss SD-1 (TS-9)
-Kartakou Colossus
-VHT 2:50:2 Power Amp
-Orange 2×12 Cabinet
-Shure/Greneli SM57
-Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

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