Taylor Jolin

Technology Solutions Consultant, Musician, Animator


Born A Ghost - SGNLS
SGNLS was written and recorded between 2017 and 2020 at Garageland 1.0 and Garageland 2.0, a project studio based in Tacoma, Washington. The album is short and to the point. The songs are repetitive and droning but crushing none the less, perfect for any stoner metal or doom metal fan

Born a Ghost is a creative project based out of Tacoma, Washington. Influenced by Neurosis and Cult of Luna, Born a Ghost delivers droning guitar riffs with infectious bass and drum lines.

Taylor Jolin - Vocals/Guitars/Programming
Sergio Vasquez - Bass
Craig Hathaway - Drums/Percussion/Synthesizers
Produced by Taylor Jolin
Machinica - Metropolis
This album was inspired by the movie Metropolis, which is one of my favorite movies. The writing and recording were done during the COVID-19 quarantine of 2020.

I am really proud of the production on this one. I recorded the guitars through my Randall RM100 and a Mesa Boogie 4x12 mic'ed up with a Shure SM57. There is not a lot of post processing on the guitars, just a multi band compressor to kill the palm mutes. The drums were programmed using Superior Drummer 3.0 and the Metal Foundry expansion pack. The bass was recorded using a Tech21 SansAmp DI.

Written and Recorded by Taylor Jolin
Produced by Taylor Jolin
Machinica - Kraftwerk Doom
This E.P. was inspired by hours and hours of Doom: Eternal and Wolfenstein.

Written and Recorded by Taylor Jolin
Produced by Taylor Jolin
Dirge Era - Amongst The Tides
Dirge Era was an underground alternative metal band from Seattle, Washington. They played extensively over the Pacific Northwest and were featured on Northwest Convergence Zones: Northwest Metal Zone podcast several times.

Nicholas Granfeldt - Vocals
Taylor Jolin - Lead Guitars/Programming
Edgar Wiest - Rhythm Guitars
Travis Bishop - Bass
Craig Hathaway - Drums/Percussion

Artwork: Nicholas Granfeldt
Production: Taylor Jolin
Working on animation...
More to come soon...
My daughter Teagan captured this at the perfect time.
High Society
I love bathroom wall graffiti.
They Watch
I thought these little guys were creepy.
Gurushots Contest Photo
I had 30 seconds to take a picture of something and edit it before uploading... this is that.
When The Gas Kicks In...
I was board at the dentist... this is the result.
Exposure Art - Dragon
I found this awesome dragon sculpture when I was out and about and thought I would get a pic.
White Paper
Information Security - Fighting Fire with Fire
An analysis I wrote on the state of information security and the mentality that surrounds it.