Taylor Jolin

Technology Solutions Consultant, Musician, Animator

About Me

Well, I am a musician first and foremost; also I am a self-proclaimed cyberpunk… I love technology and spend a great deal of my time immersed in it! I collect comic books, comic memorabilia, and other awesome stuff, and I am a huge fan of motorcycles and fast cars. I am a U.S. Army Veteran with a professional background in Military Communications, Signal Intelligence, and Information Security. I have a passion for technology, security and penetration testing, music writing and music production, and finally, travel. I have traveled to over 11 countries throughout Europe and the Middle East. When I am not working, I like to spend my time writing music, drawing, and combining the two to make weird cartoons.


  • Military Veteran
    I served 10 years in the United States military. I have taken a lot from my military service and use it everyday in my professional life.
  • High-Stress Operator
    Along with my military service, comes an ability to operate in high-stress environments while providing expert results.
  • Creative Thinking
    I approach everything with my own eyes and ideas. Of course I have been influenced by a number of sources, but I aim to provide professional solutions with a personal touch!
  • Self Motivated
    It seems like a curse sometimes... maybe it's ADD. I am not sure! I can't not work! I have to keep doing something and keep the wheels spinning.
  • Managerial Skills
    The military has given me many skills, but one of the most important is the ability to lead and manage others.

    Some More About Me:

    • Favorite Bands:
      • Suffocation
      • Meshuggah
      • Cult of Luna
      • Mastodon
    • Favorite Beer:
      • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
    • Dream Cars:
      • Late 90’s Honda NSX
      • Mid 00’s Nissan GTR
      • Porchse 911 Turbo
    • Automatic or Manual:
      • Manual
    • Favorite Food:
      • Mexican or old fashioned Steak & Potatoes
    • Favorite Drink:
      • I like trying locally brewed Whiskeys.
    • Favorite Video Games:
      • The Metal Gear Solid series
      • Dying Light
      • Far Cry series
    • Favorite Comic Book:
      • Spawn
      • Batman
      • Transmetropolitan
    • Favorite Villian:
      • The Joker
      • Leatherface
    • Favorite Movies:
      • Blade Runner series
      • Alien series
    • Favorite Books:
      • Anything by Clive Cusler
      • The Mark Rusonovich books
    • Favorite TV Shows:
      • Rick & Morty
      • South Park
    • Cats or Dogs:
      • Dogs
    • Languages:
      • I can speak bad German and am learning Russian.
    • Apple or Windows:
      • Apple (Linux at Heart though)
    • iPhone or Samsung:
      • iPhone all the way!!!
    • Hosted or Cloud:
      • Both!
    • What is the meaning of life? 42